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Local community groups Stowey Walking and Stowey Green Spaces join forces to make walking safe for a

Some-time ago a flight of steps was unearthed on the northern side of the A39 between Nether Stowey and Inwood Farm. Since the new farm shop, Paisley’s opened and with the increase in visitors to Quantock Lakes more residents and visitors have been using the old A39 to get to the farm shop and café and to events at Quantock Lakes. Stowey Walking wanted to encourage people to walk between the village and Inwood Farm/Quantock Lakes but were concerned that the path was badly sign-posted and the flight of steps was unsafe to use. Stowey Walking liaised with the Rights of Way Team at Somerset County Council and the landowner and the route is now well way-marked for pedestrians and some ‘slow down’ signs now alert the buses and cars visiting the development to walkers.


Stowey Walking then got together with Stowey Green Spaces to work on a plan to repair the flight of steps ourselves without having to rely on the stretched resources at Somerset County Council. Once we had obtained a S171 Order from the Highways Department to carry out work adjacent to the highway, we arranged for a small working party from Stowey Walking and Stowey Green Spaces to repair the steps. Fortunately it was a sunny October morning and with a bit of muscle power the old steps were soon removed and a new flight assembled next to the footpath signpost. Whilst we worked several local walkers came past on their way for a coffee at Paisley’s so we sent one of the group off for much needed refreshments!

We hope that local residents and visitors will take the opportunity to leave their cars and walk from Nether Stowey to Quantock Lakes occasionally and perhaps walk on to our neighbouring village of Fiddington.

If you would like to help on similar projects around the village please contact Stowey Green Spaces on Tel: 01278 732483 or via Facebook: @stoweygreenspaces

For details of local walks around Nether Stowey and Over Stowey see our Local Walks page, copies are also available at Nether Stowey Library, the Post Office and Parish Council Office.

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