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Hinkley Point Jetty

Down on the Bristol Channel at Hinkley Point we are in the process of having one of the biggest engineering projects in the world going up in our backyard. For those with an interest in engineering and industrial architecture one of our group, Nick Wright has written the following piece about the new Hinkley Point Jetty being constructed off the West Somerset coast where construction materials will be brought to the site by sea:

Jetty or Pier; I’m not quite sure which. There will be somebody out there to tell you, but regardless of the correct title, this fascinating project is now well under way. For some weeks now two drilling/piling rigs have been off the coast busy with this venture. Those who have been walking from the Knighton Farm “buoy” lately will have seen this action but for others the attached photograph shows the ‘close in’ rig and the first two pier supports with crossover beam in place as well as two new supports just above the surface. The second rig, currently further off shore, is doing the outer end with the first two piles now above surface. Gradually they will work towards each other. Some may be familiar with this type of offshore venture in the North Sea and elsewhere but to have it in your backyard is well worth viewing.

Parking is at the coastal car park at Lilstock with a mile or so of coast or foreshore walking along the England Coast Path to reach Shurton Shoals and the construction site. More limited parking at Knighton Farm “buoy” which is through the farmyard, to the end of Knighton Lane, Burton, or even more limited parking, on the Burton – Shurton road at a diversion footpath sign to the England Coast Path.

Nick Wright

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